Mid-Season Grouse Report 2017

Dalesport Mid-Season Grouse Report 2017

Has the season of 2017 lived up to its expectations… With record counts and exceptional breeding conditions throughout spring and summer our reports suggested that this year was looking to be very good. As we shot our way through August and into September it was clear to see that the season had got off to a slower start than expected and this was the case across most of the UK. Now we are in the thick of it, and although there are some poor areas there is plenty of grouse shooting and also plenty of hungry teams looking for a piece of the action.

As always, there are some moors doing well across the UK and other moors cancelling entire schedules, that is the way the grouse world works and our thoughts go out to all of the estates and keepers who have suffered this year.

Dalesport have already sold and hosted our own teams on over 60 days this season and we look forward to lots more days out on the moor with you all over the coming months. Please see our thoughts on how the season is progressing across the UK in our Dalesport Mid-Season Grouse Report 2017.

*We would also urge all of you who partake in grouse shooting to become an Associate Member of The Moorland Association. It is very important to support them as they work hard to protect the future of our sport, you will also learn about more of the issues affecting this unique sport!



Yorkshire Dales

Nidderdale seemed to get the worst of the luck, with many of the moors up the Dale cancelling schedules after disappointing starts to the season. There are still some grouse moors like Ramsgill and Longside that have a lot number of grouse on them and are consistently shooting good bags and will continue to do so throughout the season.

The Central Dales got off to a slowish start after a number of moors reported very good counts. The weather stayed very fair throughout August and the beginning of September rarely dropping below 16 degrees. Bags were still met by all the Premier grouse moors in the area as always, but the numbers they had counted had not seemed to show themselves throughout the first three weeks of the shooting season. BUT we have had reports in from last week and this week that the numbers have started to increase massively. We have been out all of last week in the Dales and we saw 20% more than what we were seeing in August. This is due to the drop in temperature we think, last week it was c. 8 degrees and the birds were really showing themselves. As always the bulk of the late days on these moors have been booked up before the season started, but there may still be the odd day become available, so if you are interested in a late day in this area then please do speak to us.

North York Moors

The North York Moors have had a successful season since the word go. Our own managed moors at Kildale, Commondale and Roxby have shot very well indeed. We have also had plenty of excellent days in the area and all of the North York Moors seem to have very healthy stocks of grouse on them. They have all continued to shoot good numbers of grouse and most have decided to extend their shooting schedule into October/November. We will have a number of fixed price days available across the North York Moors if you would like to shoot there later this season.


The Pennines have performed exceedingly well throughout the season and have continued to produce good numbers of grouse into September. Dalesport have arranged many days for clients in the Pennines this year and a good few of them have enjoyed proper red-letter days out on the moor. We will start to see a lot of late opportunities to shoot grouse in the Pennines over the next couple of weeks, these moors really need to get on top of the numbers if they are to have a good stock next year.


Scotland has been mixed as usual, in the Borders, Lammermuirs and up to Perthshire there have been some excellent performing grouse with large numbers of grouse on the ground. As we head further into the North it seemed to get worse with a number of the Aberdeenshire moors cancelling their entire schedules. Overall to sum Scotland up, it has been patchy, but in the right areas it has been excellent. We all know that shooting grouse in Scotland is amazing in itself and we will start to see some late days become available in certain areas as the season progresses, weather permitting!!


Across the UK I would say that everyone got off to a slightly slower start than expected after the counts we had seen throughout Spring and the Summer months. BUT things are really starting to pick up now, demand for grouse shooting has never been higher and with lots of moors with good stocks of grouse on the ground we can expect to see some very good grouse days become available throughout October and November.

N.B. If you are looking to book grouse shooting next season (2018) please let us know as soon as possible. We are already starting to fill the diary for August and September next year, so do get in touch with one of the team to arrange your shooting for next season at: theteam@dalesport.org

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