Adrian Thornton-BerryAdrian Thornton-Berry has a lifetime of experience in field sports and personal and practical experience having been born and bred in the Yorkshire Dales. He works closely with estate owners, managers and keepers to harmonize moorland up-keep, to enhance the natural resources of our local moors and dales, in order to embrace and encourage the wealth of sporting opportunities.



Archie Thornton-BerryArchie Thornton-Berry is Adrian’s youngest son.  He has experience of loading and helping to run days in the Yorkshire Dales.




Awaiting Photo    Edd Morrison – Shooting Consultant joined Dalesport in September 2016.


Awaiting Photo   Sandy Horner – Shoot Coordinator and Administrator joined Dalesport in November 2014.


Nick BarnardNick Barnard has worked in conjunction with Adrian for several years helping to either run days shooting on behalf of Dalesport or in his own right. He was brought up on the family farm where he runs his own shoot. This, coupled with his hosting experience, ensures that he has many contacts and all round knowledge of the shooting world.



Andrew WatsonAndrew Watson is a farmer’s son from the Vale of York and has been involved in all aspects of shooting from an early age ranging from game keeping to running a shoot on the family farm.  He has been a member of the Association of Professional Shooting Instructors since 2006 and joined Dalesport in 2013.