Pheasant & Partridge

Pheasant & Partridge 

img_4299Dalesport organised and hosted over 100 driven Pheasant & Partridge days across the UK last season. We have access to some of the finest shooting in the country and now we are able to offer days outside of Yorkshire as far south as Devon, for Full teams and individual guns. Our days range from walked-up rough days to high end 150-500 bird days. If you are looking for a great days sport here in the UK, please get in touch with one of our friendly team and they will be able to assist you.

Please see our current availability below:

2020/21 Season

7th Oct North York Moors 220 Partridge £9,240
13th Nov North York Moors 225 Mixed £10,035
4th Dec North York Moors 225 Mixed £10,035
9th Dec North York Moors 225 Mixed £10,035
9th Jan Yorkshire Dales 225 Mixed £10,125

For any other dates please contact us